Monday, May 09, 2005

5 Days and Counting...

Five days to graduation!!
I can't believe that this journey is finally coming to an end. No more school! ( More learning than ever before to come, though.)
The move seems to be rushing towards me like a runaway freight train Tobi and I just got back from San Antonio, where we spent the last week house-hunting. We finally found a great house, in a nice gated community with a community pool and clubhouse. We will be even more excited if we could sell the godforsaken house we are in! We fired our realtor today, and are going to cut the price and do it ourselves.

Tomorrow we have Senior Skits, which is basically a goofy sketch show that we put on every year. This year, we added talent, so I am singing a song making fun of one of our Nazi professors, as well as a duet with a family friend. It should be fun.

More updates soon, sis- I promise.

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