Saturday, April 23, 2005

I hate people...

Well, the our home inspector never showed up today, and we found out (after calling them) that they had been canceled by the buyers because they couldn't get financing. It turns out, that this has happened with the same couple before! They are idiots.
Nice. Since their realtor SAID she had a pre-approval letter, and those are supposed to be as good as cash, we asumed it was sold. The Remax realtor representing the buyers sucks. She was unreachable by our realtor all week, and never gave so much as a hint that there was a problem. Now our house has been off the market for damn near two weeks, and 2 open houses have been canceled for these idiots. (Did I mention that I thought my wife had an ulcer in the last post? Make that a perfed ulcer by now.)
We did show the house today, but haven't received word on if they want it or not. I have a great letter all typed up to mail to Remax and the BBB. We have received approval on the purchase of our next house on the assumption that our house was gone. Now I guess we'll have to get creative.

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