Wednesday, March 30, 2005

I suck

Got into a religious discussion (read: argument) with my dad at the dinner table tonight. It was concerning prayer in schools, but the topic is irrelevant. Dad is a very religious man, and is extrordinary in his faith. He also happens to be the best man I have ever known. If somehow I could be half of the person that he is, I would be pretty satisfied with how I turned out. If you've read my earlier posts on my thoughts on religion and God, you know I am searching, and still trying to figure out what I think. I have a problem expressing faith publicly, because I feel like a hypocrite. I barely even remember saying this, but apparently I said that he drives me further from God with his constant talk about the subject. The context was people that constantly evangilize in every coversation, but the pronoun you somehow entered the sentence. So, of course my dad, who works only to make his family happy heard this...."...blah, blah You are driving me away from God, blah, blah." Very nice. Needless to say, I ruined his night, and now am left to find the way to apologize and make him understand that my issues have nothing to do with him. Joy. I hate hurting people, intentionally or not. I wish I could just have him read this and give him a hug, but I guess that would be a cop out. Any suggestions?

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