Friday, April 22, 2005

Busy times...

Lots has happened since my last post. I started my last rotation in medical school (yee-haw!!), went to Atlanta to take the clinical skills portion of Step 2 boards, visited family on the way back, and finally sold the house (probably).
I am working in a family practice clinic right now, and my decision to go into a faster paced field like EM is validated daily. The continuity of care is pretty nice, as I 've only worked 6 shifts and I've already seen several patients twice. 2/3 of our visits have been allergies this past week. The Ohio Valley is the allergy capital of the universe. Today seemed to be non-descript rash day. Steroids anyone?
The clinical skills exam was a long, miserable day. I see now why some great students are failing. It is a totally subjective exam, focusing on a preset checklist that the fake patients have, and in many ways resembles a real visit not at all. I went down with my buddy Jason, and we made it an OK time.
He was kind enough to stop by for 2 days in a town called Rome, about 75 miles or so from Atlantaand accompany me while I visited all my parents brothers and sisters. He is a great friend. I was semi-miserable, and I know he was dying, but he didn't utter a peep. I did get to see my cousin Haley, who I named my first daughter after,(and who I had the secret hots for as a child) and that was great. The rest of my family down there is.....unique to say the least.
We sold the house the day I left for Georgia, contingent on passing the dreaded home inspection tomorrow. That's one less thing, at least. Now we can buy a place in San Antonio when we go down in a couple of weeks.
I can't believe the move is coming so soon! It's getting really nerve-wracking, and I think Tobi's giving herself an ulcer. I know everything will fall into place, but it sucks having to pull my family 1200 miles from their entire support system and then do the dreaded intern year, where I will be basically absent. That is weighing on me pretty badly. It's too late to change things now, so I hope we can pull together as a family and make an adventure out of it. After all, there are worse places than San Antonio!
Well that catches me up to today...will write soon!
Viva el Alamo!!

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