Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Long time no post....

Sorry it's been so long since my last post. I know all three of you who read this regularly ( and you, too Mom) have been waiting with bated breath as to what brilliance would next spew forth from these 2 fingers that I type with.
I've been working on my last inpatient rotation at the VA Medical Center. (My interns are great, but my chief is a psychopath. Seriously.) If that isn't bad enough, I am stuck on the team that admits all cancer patients. A full 2/3 of our census is either being followed by Hospice or will soon be. Very depressing, giving bad news all day long. I have learned what an amazing tolerance to opiates one can build up. A man on our team with diffuse B-cell lymphoma was proving very difficult to keep pain-free, so we made a palliative care consult. He is now on 300 micrograms of fentanyl via patch, and 50mg of morphine every 30 minutes!! That is by far the largest dosing schedule I have seen thus far.

The big topic at work right now is the Terry Shiavo case in Florida. It looks like the tube is staying out for now. Every doctor I have talked to at work is in favor of letting her die. I have a hard time with it only for the fact that her husband seems like a total scumbag, and I would hate for my fate to be decided by a prick like that. I suspect, however, that it is for the best, and that the "expressions and reactions" her family describes are basic reflexes, and that there is no cognition involved. I have already let my wishes be known to my wife and family, as should all of you. I would have been dead a long, long time ago. I have no wish to be kept alive in that situation. I wish the politicos (mostly on my side of the aisle) would get off of their high horses and quit exploiting this sad situation. Would they want to live like that?

On a lighter note- check this video out. It cracks me up. That had to have hurt. I hope his tetanus shot is up to date.

I am home right now taking care of my daughter, Riley. She has been throwing up every 20 minutes or so. She was supposed to be at an ice skating performance with big sis Haley. She is very disappointed. I will sign off for now. It looks light a long night ahead. I still have to clean house at some point, we are showing it tomorrow.
Talk to you soon!

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