Sunday, March 13, 2005

Ahh..the simple things...

I just got through doing one of my favorite things as a father...I pulled my six year old's top right front incisor. I'm sure the dental guys have a number for that tooth, but when it comes to the mouth, I'm an idiot. Haley looks so cute with it gone. It makes me proud, yet a little sad. She is growing up so fast. Right now it's lost teeth and an attitude, tomorrow cars, boys proms and an attitude, and next week marriage and children (also with an attitude!) Thinking back on my life, high school seems so near to my mind; my first attempt at college really seems like yesterday. Life goes so fast. Depressing stuff. 30 years old and already contemplating mortality...yuck.
Well, I had better sign off- I have to see several patients at the VA (yuck again) and write notes by seven AM, and I have to go watch Carnivale on HBO. Anybody else watch it? It's a weird show, but addictive. I'd be curious to hear how you guys think it will end.
Have a great day!

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