Saturday, April 23, 2005

I hate people...

Well, the our home inspector never showed up today, and we found out (after calling them) that they had been canceled by the buyers because they couldn't get financing. It turns out, that this has happened with the same couple before! They are idiots.
Nice. Since their realtor SAID she had a pre-approval letter, and those are supposed to be as good as cash, we asumed it was sold. The Remax realtor representing the buyers sucks. She was unreachable by our realtor all week, and never gave so much as a hint that there was a problem. Now our house has been off the market for damn near two weeks, and 2 open houses have been canceled for these idiots. (Did I mention that I thought my wife had an ulcer in the last post? Make that a perfed ulcer by now.)
We did show the house today, but haven't received word on if they want it or not. I have a great letter all typed up to mail to Remax and the BBB. We have received approval on the purchase of our next house on the assumption that our house was gone. Now I guess we'll have to get creative.

Friday, April 22, 2005

Busy times...

Lots has happened since my last post. I started my last rotation in medical school (yee-haw!!), went to Atlanta to take the clinical skills portion of Step 2 boards, visited family on the way back, and finally sold the house (probably).
I am working in a family practice clinic right now, and my decision to go into a faster paced field like EM is validated daily. The continuity of care is pretty nice, as I 've only worked 6 shifts and I've already seen several patients twice. 2/3 of our visits have been allergies this past week. The Ohio Valley is the allergy capital of the universe. Today seemed to be non-descript rash day. Steroids anyone?
The clinical skills exam was a long, miserable day. I see now why some great students are failing. It is a totally subjective exam, focusing on a preset checklist that the fake patients have, and in many ways resembles a real visit not at all. I went down with my buddy Jason, and we made it an OK time.
He was kind enough to stop by for 2 days in a town called Rome, about 75 miles or so from Atlantaand accompany me while I visited all my parents brothers and sisters. He is a great friend. I was semi-miserable, and I know he was dying, but he didn't utter a peep. I did get to see my cousin Haley, who I named my first daughter after,(and who I had the secret hots for as a child) and that was great. The rest of my family down there is.....unique to say the least.
We sold the house the day I left for Georgia, contingent on passing the dreaded home inspection tomorrow. That's one less thing, at least. Now we can buy a place in San Antonio when we go down in a couple of weeks.
I can't believe the move is coming so soon! It's getting really nerve-wracking, and I think Tobi's giving herself an ulcer. I know everything will fall into place, but it sucks having to pull my family 1200 miles from their entire support system and then do the dreaded intern year, where I will be basically absent. That is weighing on me pretty badly. It's too late to change things now, so I hope we can pull together as a family and make an adventure out of it. After all, there are worse places than San Antonio!
Well that catches me up to today...will write soon!
Viva el Alamo!!

Saturday, April 09, 2005

Man, I suck at Blogging....

It must have something to do with the fact that I type with three fingers...

Oh well- I got back from St Louis on Monday night, in time to see the great Illini fall. I spent the weekend in the city. I had a ticket to the games, but it was a solo seat. I unloaded them and made 650 bucks, and drank a lot of beer with my friends. It was crazy there. Illini fans outnumbered all others at least 10-15 to 1. They totally owned the city, and they acted like it. It would have been worth staying until after the last game just to see how the mood in the town had changed.

I was on my last career spring break this week. My last rotation starts Monday, with an outpatient family med guy in the country. He doesn't know it yet, but i will be gone a lot this month. I have to drive to Atlanta to take the USMLE's 1000 dollar raping of the class of 2005 that they like to call the clinical skills exam. Then Tobi and I are spending the last week before graduation in San Antonio looking for a house. (If we could just sell the godforsaken one we are in!!!) We have another open house tomorrow, this one with a realtor, so hopefully it will be busy.

I can't believe I am one short month from MD. That is crazy. Be afraid, be very afraid...

Friday, April 01, 2005

St. Louis, Here I Come!!

Well, I found out today that I am one of 300 students in my whole university that got student tickets for all 3 games this weekend. I am the only medical student who gets to go- at least on the 30 dollar for all 3 games tix!! I am an Indiana fan through and through, but I have to go root thr Louisville Cards on to victory! (Even though I think Ilinois will win by 8) Sue me, I'm a realist. I just wanted to gloat a little- this is the first time I have EVER put my name in a lottery for anything and actually won!
My wife has some family in town, so I have a free place to crash. Hopefully I can hook up with some fun fans while I'm down there. Anybody who reads this going? Shoot me an email- we'll hook up!
Well, I have to go to bed. My last exam of Medical school is tomorrow morning. One last Medicine shelf exam, then party under the arch!

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