Saturday, March 05, 2005

Unisex Bathrooms

Begging to Differ has a post discussing the pros of unisex bathrooms, as discussed in the NY Times. The discussion was prompted by transgenders in NY and other places fearing harassment.
At the New College of California, a liberal arts college in the Mission District of San Francisco, men's and women's rooms have recently given way to "de-gendered" restrooms, devoid of urinals as well as of white stick figures with pants or a skirt. Signs on the doors proclaim the new restroom politics: "Lots of people don't fit neatly into our culture's rigid two-gender system."
Rigid indeed. How many genders do they think there are?
BTD thinks that that would make restrooms cleaner for all. Perhaps. I have seen (and cleaned) some womens bathrooms that would rival the worst of the men's. Women tend to spray pee and poo all over the place in an effort to keep their precious rear ends off of the seat. Not to mention flushed maxi's that clog up the works. I could go on...
I for one don't want to do my business in the same room with the fairer sex. Some of the sounds and smells that occur in that room are humiliating for other men to be around...but women?? Men would hide in the stall all day just to avoid being seen! I assume this would go double for the gals. Maybe I am wrong. Educate me.

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