Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Plastic surgery...

I am on plastics right now, which is SUPPOSED to be a completely cush rotation. The fellow we have is really nice, but feels like we have to work the exact same schedule as he does. I spent 4o minutes the other day watching him sign dictations, when I could have actually had a decent lunch for a change!!
Today it is 70 degrees outside, sandwiched in between 2 days in the 30s-40s. We got in this AM with only one case scheduled, that was to take less than 2 hours. Nice! Should have been on the links by 11AM at the latest. At 1:30PM we finally scrubbed out. The fellow had never done the procedure before, and was taking his sweet time. Thats one big reason I love EM. I never would have seen golf as a possibility if I knew going in that I would be there until X time- therefore no disappointment. When a 10 AM day goes till 3- that sucks! Oh well... the case was cool at least.
We consulted on a guy today who was drunk messing around with his high powered hunting rifle. Long story short, drunk drops gun, gun goes off and completely blows this dude's knee away! One of the most impressive wounds I have ever seen. I assume the lesson in this is obvious, so I won't even mention it... Gotta go get my kiddos. See ya!

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